10 Years of Evolution
D-EVO Consulting

I could not fail to highlight a decade of legacy without doing it in a very special way.

We were in 2008 and the world was waking up to a new global economic crisis. New digital trends were just around the corner, ready to profoundly change our way of life. Twitter, Facebook, iPhone and Android were still taking their first steps, and believe it or not, life on earth was possible! It was in the midst of this digital frenzy that Descontel was born.

The project, like many other, started from scratch. The only thing that existed was an enormous will to do what we do best.

Later on, as a result of the rapid increase of clients – and as we were improving our vision and our values – Descontel felt the need to change too. We become more plural, hire more human resources and head up towards a more professional phase. We become “DCTEVO – Leading Through… Evolution” – a motto that accompanies us to this day, and the one that better transmits our essence.

As more and more people joined this project, we felt the need to change and in the year 2018, we change to new offices. Our “home” was born, a place which enabled us to grow and that grew together with us.

Like everything in life, we were not always marked by successes and ease. Along the way there were doubts, hesitations and problems. It was on those moments that we turned to our clients and partners and felt special because, after all, it was possible to discover people who shared our principles. It was also on those moments that we discover extraordinary people who remain close to us and add to our growth.

My wish for the next 10 years is that D-EVO Consulting continues on their path of evolution without waive their Values and Vision.

Written by Nuno Henriques
Published by Fábio Godinho