Web Summit 2017, joined main venture capital companies that stablish partnerships, networking or meeting which objective were to do business. Also, during this conference, there were many interesting topics that were discussed.

Cybercrime & Cybersecurity:

Last year, there were about 118 million cases of cybercrime These cases cause damages in 4 billion dollars. Between 1 and 5 years, each crime will have implicit an Internet cause, so cybercrime will cause several damages on our society. The main advice is to companies and governments be united, changing information, to facilitate the combat of cybercrimes.

But how we protect the world?

Cybercrime has weapons that are invisible and can attack at the same time a lots of computer, on multiples countries. Also this threat will continue to growth exponentially if we doesn’t stop it. So we need to:

  • Identity & Access Management: Ensure only the right people have access to organizational systems

  • Information Protection: Ensure documents and emails are viewed by the intended recipients

  • Threat Protection: Thwart hackers and recover quickly if attacked

  • Security Management: Gain end-to-end visibility into orgs security and manage security policy centrally. Also, major of cybersecurity attack came from emails.


Bitcoin is connected to blockchain. Blockchain is a trustful machine that is connected to crypt economic , which connect bitcoin and enable peer-to-peer (of the people, to the people, for the people) to use that. This system incentives the people and keep the network secure.
Also, Bitcoin is the first application that has a trusted database. This provides a collaborative system where companies can build them infrastructure, that will change companies, governments, etc.

Artificial Intelligence:

Artificial Intelligence (AI) was one of the big topics discussed on Web Summit 2017. Almost of the time, is considered as threat, however, can be also an opportunity.


Taking the example of security, AI can have fragilities and expose information, but also is a source of big data. Big data, allows us to manage information and develop systems to protect our information. So big question for the future is the trade-off of security and the perception of personal information.

Robotic and humans together

Will robots take away our jobs or destroy the world as we seen now?

This question, was answered by Sophia, the robot. This robot said that the robots doesn’t want to destroy the life but will take our jobs. Also, Albert Einstein robot said that the problem isn’t the technology, but a values problem.
There is hope to robots and people work together. For example, if people want to know more about a topic, they will ask a robot that has information about that topic, so this a way to combine AI with humans.
Also the robots said that the problem is not the robots but issues made by humans, like pollution, politics, terrorism and others

Initial Coin Offering (ICO)

ICO creates value through “non-governmental activities”. ICO is being considered a new technology, that we must take advantage of to transform a society, through totally tokens. That tokens can be money or a share company and is like a piece of software, for example, made to create data bases through technology.

Also the business of the future, are companies that will be based on open platforms. On those platforms, people of many companies and different businesses participate actively to improve services. This type of business is based on cycle money, so to investors it is important to understand the entire cycle and also who is behind it.


7 of 10 most valuable companies in the world are technology internet companies. In the future, applications and AI will save the money. Also, AI can manage data and segment our information, so can provide us what we want and pay the way we like more and also can manage financial things like bitcoin.
How blockchain will impact in companies? Cryptocurrency and Blockchain are similar also there are a lot of money coming from ICOS, but the venture capital will came from ICOS and IPOS (Initial Public Offer).
One of the ideas exposed on Web Summit is about money. Money, today is completely disconnected. To connect it, it is important to stablish an aggregation. The idea is to aggregate it in one card. We have multiple physical cards, so this virtual card in a smart app, has the advantage to changing and save money, eliminate charges, for example, when we travel to other countries and also allow us to pay good in benefits. So, the main advantage is to pay everywhere and keep the physical cards secure at home.

Technology and innovation

Who is the real consumers?

We are very focused on what people really want, what are their preferences. So data is important to know what people prefer, so technology is crucial to manage that.


Technology increase competitiveness, increase turn balance and improve companies. In this case, to have better start-ups, it is important to combine technology with activity of the company:

  • Network: Have a good network affects our credibility, also combined with acquisition, increase the potential of the company.
  • Technology: Has good technology, can improve a company any time.
  • Software: Allows to connect everyone like a network.
  • Data: Use internet of things allows us to manage information mainly of our customers.
  • Mobile: Mobile is used everywhere, so the company should have mobile solutions.
  • Security: Invest in security to protect information.

Future of the planet

Do we really have to change? Can we change? Will we change?

We need to join our tools to combat climate change. We have to change because of degradation of the planet. We can change, using cleaning energies like solar energy and wind power energy. Using internet of the things and AI, those tools can interview in some points and help the clime.

Technology is helping us to displace fossil fuels a generating electricity by cleaning runnable sources. So there is a growing market, which we need to invest mainly based on technologies, that are brighten in a sustainable future. We have the tools that we need to solve climate problems.
We need to believe that we will change. Change is our hands and it is time to do that.

The answer to this three big questions is YES, we have to change, can change and we will change.

Innovation on cars

UberAir: Innovation is an imperative question on new idea of Uber. Bringing a new technology, Uber joined NASA and developed a new way of transport, flying electric cars- UberAir. This new way of transport is a challenging way of transport and can be 10 times more efficient than helicopters and is less noisy than that.
The partnership with NASA will focus on development of flight systems and air traffic management of unmanned vehicles. Also this type of transport will have Uber pool, like in the cars. Uber flying cars probably will be on use in 2020.

Waymo: Google developed a driverless car- Waymo. The human passenger can, for example, watch, watch in the rear seats, through a screen, the activity of the stand-alone vehicle and realize a reason for a stop or slowing down. One of the big questions is to gain the trust of the human to be on a car that drive by itself.

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