Business Cycle


Several factors are important for a good performance in such a competitive market and the ability to manage the business cycle is critical.

At the end of the course the trainees will be able to:

  • Conduct successful negotiations
  • Manage sales processes correctly
  • Develop business strategy plans, customer complaints management and customer loyalty


  • Module I:
      The importance of Human Resources to the organization – The company and HR
      Human behavior and motivation
      Theories of Maslow and Herzberg
      Organization Chart and Human Resource Management Techniques
      Evaluation and management of performance
      Reward systems
  • Module II:
      Marketing and its support for commercial activity
  • Module III:
      Price formation – Internal factors relevant to the process
      Product life cycle
      Strategic positioning
      Types of products
      Relevant external factors in the process
      Segmentation of markets
  • Module IV:
      The sale of product and concept
      The internal environment and the strategic process
      Requirements analysis techniques (SPIN)
      Customer needs
      The SPIN technique: Typology, characterization and methods
      Present the right solutions for each client
      Presentations, demonstrations and proposals
      Commercial presentation skills / techniques (CVB technique)
      Management of objections
      The closure of sales and management of complaints
  • Module V:
      Organizational skills – Value chain
      Sustainable advantages and competitive maneuvers
      Implementation of the main strategic tools
      The strategic planning of the product
  • Module VI:
      Negotiation techniques – Introduction
      Initial concepts
      Pre-trading and post-trading
      Ethics and negotiation
      Final considerations
      The sale and telephone service
      Value chain
  • Module VII:
      Service Quality – Introduction
      Inicial Concepts
      Final Considerations

  • Module VIII:
      Basics of Behavior and Communication – Introduction
      Initial Concepts
      Final Considerations
  • Module IX:
      The business cycle – Tableaux de Bord – Introduction
      Business cycle of the company
      Commercial development plans
      Sales pipeline
      Control of the sales process – Introduction
  • Module X:
      How to talk in public – Introduction to the topic
      The preparation of PowerPoint presentations

Course Recipients:

This course is aimed at all professionals in the areas of Business, Human Resources, Public Relations, Marketing and Organizations that need to know and apply: negotiation techniques, sales, management of commercial teams, marketing strategies, among others.

  • 30 Hours

  • 5 Days

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