Corporate Policy


Our corporate policy abides by a system of corporate social responsibility management, aligned with the grounds set out in the Electronic Industry Code of Conduct (EICC). The ethical code represents the compromise of our principles of business ethics and transparency in all areas. Related to be above, all the groups related to the company must abide by the following principles:

  • The professionals at D-EVO Consulting fulfill strictly the legislation applicable in the place where conducting business, given the spirit and purpose of the rules. So complied fully with the obligations and commitments made by the company in its contractual relationships with third parties, as well as the use of good practices in countries that conduct their business

  • We express our commitment and bond with the human rights recognized in national and international legislation and, in particular, the Society expresses its complete rejection of child labor and forced or compulsory labor
  • We express our commitment and bond with labor rights recognized in national and international legislation and, in particular, we undertakes to respect freedom of association and collective bargaining
  • We promote non-discrimination on grounds of race, color, nationality, social origin, age, sex, marital status, social orientation, ideology, political opinions, religion or other personal condition, physical and social development of its professionals, as well as equality of opportunity between them. In particular, D-EVO Consulting promotes equal treatment for men and women, and which gives access to employment, training, promotion of professional and working conditions, the company disclaims any manifestation of violence persecution of physical, sexual, psychological, moral or other, abuse of authority at work or in any other conduct that generates an intimidating and offensive to the personal rights of its employees. In this sense, promoted up specific measures to prevent sexual both the prosecution and the prosecution for sexual reasons, when deemed necessary
  • We promote a program of safety and health at work and take preventive measures established in respect to legislation and any other that can be established in the future. Our professionals operates with special attention to standards for safety and health at work, with the aim of preventing and minimizing the rich labor
  • D-EVO undertakes to make available to its professional resources and means necessary and appropriate for the development of their profession
  • D-EVO develops its activity supported in respect to the environment, complying with the standards established in the normative environment, which is applied minimizing the impact of its activities on the environment. We assume rules of behavior to minimize waste and pollution, conserve natural resources, promote energy saving and reuse or recycling of waste produced
  • We promote the training of professionals. Training programs provide equal opportunities and career development and will contribute to the achievement of company objectives
  • The professionals of the D-EVO may not give or accept gifts in the development of their profession. We do not allow payments to manipulate clients into making commercially favorable decisions. Bribes, kickbacks, secret commissions and similar payments are strictly prohibited
  • We will disclose relevant and truthful information about the activities carried out by subjecting the processes of internal and external verification to ensure its reliability and encourage its continued improvement



D-EVO corporate policy undertakes its development and business excellence based on the evolution of a sustained level of their services. For this, we have developed and implemented the Quality Management System Environment and described in the Quality Manual.

D-EVO seeks to maintain a sustainable development of their professional duties, relying on the theory that growth is the oxygen of any business, as we understand that growth is based on the consolidation of markets as well as expansion.

To develop these objectives we acquired a commitment to continually improve the effectiveness of its management system, and a commitment to pollution prevention, and directs its efforts to rely on:

  • Human and material resources needed to communicate, educate and extend the management system in our company
  • The commitment of all to integrate the organization the length of the requirements management system, beyond the legal requirements, regulations and the whole environment itself of Public Administration, where he develops our market through the development of Human Capital as well as the continued evolution and improvement of our efficiency and effectiveness
  • The processes and tools of permanent improvement and evolution of customer satisfaction, covering their needs and rising expectations on time, by identifying quality objectives and quantifiable environment, as well as the identification and pursuit of compliance with the requirements of the products and services we offer
  • The commitment to comply with applicable legal requirements and other requirements to which the company subscribes



Compliance with environmental regulations:

At source of Products and Services, the provider undertakes to comply with environmental regulations in respect to the use of hazardous substances, packaging and labeling of dangerous substances, transport conditions, noise emission during operation teams and many other environmental specifications that make up the law. Our preferred providers take a commitment to comply with the environmental regulations as they develop their activities handling equipment, products and waste while maintaining its business relationship with D-EVO Consulting.

Use of materials, facilities and services

Our providers are responsible for properly transporting any material and equipment that is necessary for the development of its activities, as well as the storage time in places that are agreed.
Avoid that produce unnecessary consumption of water, energy and other raw materials.

Use of dangerous products

Our providers and during their stay in the premises of D-EVO may not use any items prohibited by environmental regulations. All containers of hazardous products are clearly identified in relation to their degree of hazard, in accordance with applicable law. Remove all material property of the product, packaging or other impregnated used for development activities, which are classified as dangerous goods, in accordance with applicable law.

Emergency cases

In case of an environmental emergency on the premises of D-EVO, employees of the contractor to shall communicate the Department of Environmental Management at that moment, or the person responsible for managing the center’s facilities, and act in accordance with the directions of the company.

Residue Control

The waste generated should be properly identified and stored until the contractor proceeds to its withdrawal in accordance with existing legislation. We recommend reducing the cause of waste generation (in quantity and hazardousness). Reuse fittings and materials giving them alternative uses. Intended to recycle what you can not recycle.


D-EVO Consulting collaborates with an NGO in Angola in a project of social inclusion/Adult Education. The aim is to allow adults without technical and economic capacity have a formal education, careful and enriching.
We understands that the path to development is through the education of all, and education is achieved through a path in education. Education is the right way to personal enrichment, creating new mindsets, the opening of such mindsets, new knowledge, new discoveries and new paths.
A very carefully formed an education contributes towards the development of other levels in society and even family. There is an evolution of mindsets, a primary care learning, a teaching of rules and duties for the experiences in society and especially there is personal enrichment that we are all entitled to in equal manner.
D-EVO cares about this, with equal rights and conditions, growth and ambition, so that growth can be available to everyone, because it’s never too late to learn, never too late to dream, it is never too late to take another step forward!

Support for Families

It is with great satisfaction that D-EVO announces that it partnered with another noble cause in Angola. We are working in partnership with associations of family support, having this quarter offered the transport of flour for food industry / bakeries, with the purpose of distributing bread to Angolan families.
Because a small act makes all the difference!