en.SafeWatch Filtering® is a web-based solution composed of a series of tools targeted to AML detection in real time and batch mode.


With a highly-sophisticated matching engine, en.SafeWatch Filtering® aims to be the central checking point for an institution’s financial traffic. Having a single detection point helps compliance officers and auditors to have only one interface where alerts from all sources are concentrated.
Also, this solution obtains information from Data Connectors, which captured data is processed by the server and checked against all loaded lists through a rule engine. After execution of these rules, detections can be either ignored or logged. They can also generate alerts that are sent to the central alert management interface. Alerts are regrouped to allow compliance officers or other en.SafeWatch Filtering® users to display alerts, verify details, and act on alerts from a single point.


  • 1. Screening Capabilities Screen the content of data sources as names, files, messages and databases and also different message formats as SWIFT, SEPA or XML. Further risk mitigation can be managed through advanced screening capabilities.
  • 2. List Capabilities
    Institutions can manage unlimited number of lists including sanctions, politically exposed persons (PEPs) and adverse media lists.
  • 3. Detection Capabilities
    This solution acts as a monitoring point for all financial traffic. It allows compliance officers and auditors to have one consolidated interface where alerts from all sources are concentrated.
  • 4. Reporting Capabilities
    To satisfy most regulatory and audit requirements, en.SafeWatch Filtering offers standard reports that cover the most common reporting needs and custom reports.
  • 5. Archiving Capabilities
    Events or detection can be archived to protect system efficiency regulatory requirements.