en.SafeWatch KYC® helps Financial Institutions identify, verify and monitor their customers. This automated system seizes, organizes and stores customer information.


It includes a scientific risk scoring methodology that allows the user to assess the risk associated with an account, and to define the level of risk, allowing for an effective customer due to diligence process.
Also, financial institutions can save time on new customer onboarding and keep track of existing customer information as well. This accurate and cost-effective solution provides results in real-time and protection against unwanted risk and exposure.


  • 1. Seizing and Recording Information All necessary information for new and existing customers is seized and recorded, with the flexibility to handle a wide range of customer and data types required in different jurisdictions.
  • 2. Customer Information Repository It allows users to identify the beneficial owner for an account, the controller of the account, and other important account information. Also, provides an easy to manage and navigate repository system which ensures compliance with regulations relating to key account information.
  • 3. Dynamic Risk Scoring The risk-based approach module allows the user to design and implement a dynamic risk scoring module, to assess the customer’s level of risk based on a scientifically calculated risk score.
  • 4. Advanced Link Analysis and Visualization Powered by IBM
    Allows a user to centralize data from various sources, detect connections and hidden relationships between entities and individuals, and to display it clearly with visual, easy to understand graphics.
  • 5. Real-time Data Share Delivers real-time data share with your core banking system.
  • 6. Ongoing Customer Due Diligence The information entered and updated in the en.SafeWatch KYC® system will reflect the sensitivity of customer risk profiles, which will be monitored on an ongoing basis.