en.SafeWatch PaymentGuard™ solution works in the detection line of defense in order to protect the most valuable activities, such as high-value SWIFT messages.


en.SafeWatch PaymentGuard™ is an innovative solution, based on machine learning capabilities, that enables financial institutions to detect and act to stop fraudulent SWIFT payments.

The solution analyzes payments in real time and historical transactions hosted in a database to learn patterns, behaviors, and trends on a regular basis. That enables the solution to determine the probability of a transaction being fraudulent and, therefore, to generate alerts.


  • 1. Interception of suspicious fraudulent payments in real time Modeling engine analyzes payments against a set of scenarios and stops suspicious/fraudulent payments in real time.
  • 2. A vast library of standard proven models The en.SafeWatch PaymentGuard™ library includes a comprehensive set of models designed by anti-fraud experts and the FIs’ fraud teams.
  • 3. Analysis of message fields, headers, and interventions Along with analyzing the payload of the payment message, en.PaymentGuard™ analyzes headers and interventions.
  • 4. Advanced case management The solution has a user-friendly case management module, allowing advanced workflow, prioritization of detections, and notifications by email. Any suspicious payment generates one detection. A detection may contain one or multiple alerts for the same payment.
  • 5. False-positive reduction capabilities Effective false-positive reduction mechanisms are in place in order to enhance system efficiency and reduce cost.
  • 6. Security, high availability, and performance Security measures are introduced to protect data from manipulation, along with strong authentication and access control.

With this solution, financial institutions can easily intercept payments in the SWIFT messaging interface, Alliance Access, and then pass the payment headers, payloads, and interventions through the modeling engine in real time.