en.SafeWatch Profiling® is a rapidly deployable anti-money laundering solution with central data processing, trend analysis, and suspicious behavior identification engine.


This solution allows the analysis of trends and behaviors, centralizing and correlate data and transactions into a single interface turning multiple flows of information into high-value intelligence supported by graphical representation.
en.SafeWatch Profiling® also offers a set of predefined rules based on KYC controls, transaction monitoring, account behavior monitoring, relationship monitoring and counterparty activity monitoring.


  • 1. Risk-Based Behavior Monitoring Can be linked to both customers and accounts. This allows for a more precise risk monitoring than the purely customer based scoring. Also the bank is not therefore limited to performing risk assessments at customer level alone, but can also do so on the specific products used by the customer
  • 2. Interactive Dashboard Gives the user a holistic overview of the detections and cases being processed.
  • 3. Customizable Parameters to Reduce False Positives
    Allows users to maximize the quality of detections by allowing a user to easily add customers/accounts to exemption lists and configure parameters of the scenarios to minimize false positives.
  • 4. Advanced Link Analysis and Visualization Powered by IBM
    Allows a user to centralize data from various sources, detect connections and hidden relationships between entities and individuals, and to display it clearly with visual, easy to understand graphics.
  • 5. Customizable Workflow Module The ability to define and customize workflow to cater for the changes in the organization structure of the compliance department.
  • 6. Choose and Create your own Scenarios Wide range of customer, account, and entity scenarios can be simply chosen by the user from a library of readymade scenarios to facilitate behavior and transaction monitoring.