What is it?

MailStore is a sophisticated email archive solution. This solution allows information present in most e-mails to be stored properly, while still allowing them to manage the same availability over time, creating backups of the same.

Mail Funcionalities:

  • File at 100%
  • Reduce Workloads of E-Mail Servers: Once archived, e-mails can be deleted from users’ accounts by following a rule-based method. This allows you to keep a reduced workload on the server constantly.
  • Space saving at 70%
  • Backup: Simplifies backups; reduces data loading on the mail server, making backups and restores faster.

  • Productivity: Provides full and extremely fast text search.
  • Independence: In case the server is out of service or data loss exists, all employees of the company can continue to access all emails.
  • Encryption: MailStore Server prevents archived data from being changed by generating SHA hash values from the content of the emails and by using AES-256 internal encryption.
  • File: MailStore Server imports the folder structure that the user made into the file.
  • Economic Advantages: Reduces the costs of overloaded servers, increasing costs with storage and complex backup processes, as well as restores, resulting in financial problems for IT departments.
  • Legal Advantages: Compliance with the Regulation issued by the European Parliament and the Council harmonizing the general data protection regime.
  • Integration: Active Directory; Mdaemon, Kerio Connect IceWarp, G Suite, MS Office.


MailStore Server does not require any external database software, being installed from an e-mail extension already implemented. After this solution is installed, it is immediately available.