Management III
Project Management Reporting


The purpose of the proposed course is that at the end of the course participants will retain the importance that the Report system has on the quality and success of any project. It is thus expected that the Report system will be known, all its valences, forms of implementation and its importance.

This course aims to sensitize participants to the importance that the Report system has on the quality and success of any project, as well as transmitting a set of knowledge, tools and templates used in the course of the projects.

  • Minimize “hidden” costs and finish projects on time through a Project Tracking
  • Have registered elements that allow them to respond adequately and sustainably to various StakeHolders

The importance of good communication in the development of a project.
At the end of the training it is expected that the trainees will have the knowledge that will enable them to increase performance at all levels in project management through the implementation of an adequate Reporting system.


  • Planning and implementation of reporting processes
  • Key components for the various reports status
  • Identification and planning of the prerequisites for a good reporting system
  • Identification of the various stakeholders involved and their need for information
  • Creation and implementation of an integrated communication plan
  • Sharing information with the other project management team

Course Recipients:

This course was especially developed for Project and Program Managers and Directors, as well as Project Team Leaders and Development Teams.

  • 18 Hours

  • 3 Days

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