Nuno Henriques, the current Head of Organization of D-EVO Consulting, assumes the direction of the Sales & Marketing Area.

Before joining the D-EVO team, Nuno Henriques, graduated at Applied Mathematics in Economics and Management from the Institute of Economics and Management of Lisbon University and had the opportunity to collaborated with some of the world’s leading companies that excelled in their areas of expertise. With solid professional experience in various sectors of activity, he had the opportunity to participate in several international consultancy projects, namely in management consulting.

About a year ago, he took on the challenge of managing the Organization area of ​​the company D-EVO Consulting. The experience coupled with the taste for challenges were elements that allowed Nuno Henriques to assume in 2018 the direction of the Sales & Marketing area of ​​this information technology consultancy company.

D-EVO Consulting is an Information Technology consultancy company, which is present in four continents, specializing in financial services, application development & maintenance and cybersecurity. It is also the only Portuguese company specializing in SWIFT Ready Solutions.