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D-EVO Consulting is the only SWIFT representative in Portugal. We offer onsite support for implementing SWIFT products, migration, implementation and updating of connectivity interfaces and other SWIFT products. Our services also include consulting, implementation and integration of SWIFT solutions. Our technicians are certified in SWIFT Ready Services for the implementation of SWIFTNet products such as Alliance Access, Alliance Entry, Gateway Alliance, Alliance Starter Set and SWIFTNet Link. SWIFT service providers offer local services with certified expertise in SWIFT connectivity with SWIFTNet. Through our certified technicians we offer SWIFT services contracts update, maintenance and system administration. We also provide onsite technical support to assist you and all your migration projects.



What sets apart our technicians is the carrying out of rigorous exams, both theoretical and practical, in order to receive SWIFT certification. Our SWIFTReady technicians have demonstrated to have adequate knowledge about certain elements of the SWIFTNet infrastructure. Our technicians can install, configure, integrate, upgrade and troubleshoot specific elements of the SWIFTNet infrastructure.



Our extensive experience provides the knowledge necessary to help select and configure the SWIFT solutions you need. The implementation and integration of solutions require a range of knowledge and resources. We place at your disposal the technical expertise needed to help integrate SWIFT solutions in your environment.



D-EVO Consulting is the only Portuguese company certified as SWIFT Ready Solutions. We have the know how to carry out the adoption of standards and procedures of SWIFT Implementing Cash Management solutions. We developed and implemented several Cash Management solutions for Angola banks, among others.



Our professional focus and experience, as well as the combined skills of our SWIFT certified technicians, ensure that your systems are properly configured. The consultants and employees in D-EVO Consulting are suitable to carry out these services. They also possess a vast experience in the maintenance processes of SWIFT systems. The support service is performed remotely or on customer premises and with the technical equipment, connectivity and usage of necessary infrastructure.

Scope of maintenance and support:

  • Monitoring and Verification of Services

  • Management and monitoring of changes in the platform (System Care)
  • Control of the Backups
  • Administration and environment tasks
  • Evolutionary reactive/preventive maintenance support
  • Management of incidents, monitoring and withdrawal
  • Migrations