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D-EVO Consulting has extended its range of offerings to include Mainframe. Always looking for new opportunities to provide services with the quality that we are recognized for, today we have the D-EVO Mainframe Services available for support, training and solutions. For now we are focused on Batch Scheduling and Measurement and Reporting. As an IBM partner that’s the same as saying “IBM Tivoli Workload Scheduler” and “IBM Tivoli Decision Support”.

On a more global perspective of systems management we offer solutions and training in Rexx Programming. D-EVO Mainframe Services are developing two IBM Tivoli Decision Support based products, DSMR – D-EVO SLA Measurement and Reporting which focus on measurement and control of service level agreements, and DMAC – D-EVO Mainframe Accounting and Chargeback which is set to account for an aggregated Service Unit consumption.

We also offer Outsourcing System Operators and Batch Planners, who we train in our headquarters and provide with permanent access to our Senior Consultants’ support. Our offerings are always flexible and tailored to reflect the needs of each and every client.



D-EVO Mainframe Services we are aware of the fact, that sometimes, what is today a solution could prove to become a problem, when the preceding analysis neglects the details.

All our solutions are discussed thoroughly with our clients from the start. Thus, they told us about their needs and we present them a final implementation plan. For each solution we’ll be giving advice as we see relevant on the options we provide for training sessions, tools design and support plans. Our solutions are not limited to the needs expressed by our clients. We always aim to go beyond their requests both in its scope and sustainability, in the medium and long terms.

The quality of our documentation will always be one of our major concerns and greatest investments.



The workshops we offer at D-EVO Mainframe Services combine technical training with the analysis of one of the most important factors in an installation – The Performance.

This translates into added value for clients by having the opportunity to achieve better performance, and simultaneously to see their technicians receive thorough training by participating in, and monitoring, the whole process of collection and analysis conducted by our Senior Consultants.

At the end of each workshop a report with the conclusions and suggestions is produced. Thereafter, our presence in assisting and monitoring the implementation of the amendments adopted by the client is also provided. Optionally we offer additional support services that may be appropriate to tackle specific situations.