Project Description

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In recent years, large companies focused their efforts on process automation (STP). Now, the implementation of solutions CEP (Complex Events Processing) is the way to improve the strategic positioning, and perhaps provide better and faster client customer service. We strive on environments where the quality of services becomes a differential factor.

D-EVO Provides:

  • High level of experience with a very competitive return
  • Deep knowledge of the broader Applications of Treasury
  • Murex, Kondor, OPIS, Algorithms, Adaptive, Asset Control
  • Asset Valuation – Quantitative Analysts QUANTs

Professional services:

  • Analysis and definition of requirements

  • Implementation of technical feedback
  • Support for integration and implementation of evolutionary processes
  • Operation of applications



Cost reduction involves tackling your organization from multiple approaches to the same end, with a focus on maximizing the effectiveness, efficiency and sustainability of services. We believe that our knowledge of the context is prime, so our solution is based on a consulting documentation, procedures, Java architecture, security and web development Software

  • Collect and document technical processes and procedures
  • Set the fortresses, threats, weaknesses and possibilities of architecture and Java Web security
  • Study and accessory improvements in software development processes that have direct or indirect relationship with the associated costs
  • Asset Valuation – Quantitative Analysts QUANTs

The quality management implies a higher quality of products/services and a better utilization of resources.