Project Description

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All of D-EVO Consulting professionals integrate the work teams of our customers. We offer our customers the widest range of computer services and communications. Our offer allows us to become our customers sole supplier of technological solutions, basing ourselves on excellent customer service and providing the best solutions.

  • Recruitment and selection, attempting to fit the position, the project, and the client ideally
  • Coaching, reception and orientation of new recruits
  • Monitoring, feedback and ongoing assessment of the professional, project and client
  • Training, professional development and change management
  • Audits of quality indicators and customer satisfaction and professional
  • As in people backed company, our success is due to the quality of our team of professionals. The more qualified is an activity, the more decisive is the quality of its professionals, because differences in income and value added, have a higher influence on the price difference



D-EVO speaks to your company in a personalized way, offering our customers the participation and support they need, from a technical consulting, installation, maintenance or development computer.

This is the flexibility to use our experience to complement their existing domestic needs in your own IT department, the needs of all subcontract management and maintenance IT as a Service IT Service Management.

We invest and devote our best efforts to:

  • Better knowledge of customers’ needs
  • Achieve a team of professionals more committed and motivated
  • Manage the Service as a Service, with specific methodologies
  • Acting as technology partners rather than as suppliers
  • A model of sustainable development in the long term