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The correct operation of the hardware, infrastructure and network servers and services that use it is essential to ensure the competitiveness of enterprises. For this it is essential to have robust information systems, have well-defined action protocols, implement safeguards systems that ensure data availability, and security systems with the integrity and worth privacy of such data.

D-EVO Consulting is a trusted partner to delegate the tasks of maintaining the technology infrastructure, both in the management of micro-computing and communication networks, such as the maintenance of all types of servers and operation of data centers (CPD), providing the infrastructure, human resources and experience necessary to ensure Outsourcing services of the highest quality systems. We assist our clients in defining their strategies, operating models and management models in the development of the technological infrastructure:

  • Technology Solutions: Virtualization, Storage, Backup Systems, BBDD Management, Integration and Communication Security Systems Enterprise Messaging and Collaboration, Microsoft Technologies, Supply and implementation of IT infrastructure
  • Services achieved: Notices for Users, Monitoring and Operation of Infrastructure, Management full Workstations
  • IT Security



We have extensive experience in designing architectures, implementing new installations, and migration and maintenance of systems. Our goal is to comply with SLA’s, meet the schedules, keeping systems with excellent yield, ensuring uninterrupted service to meet the needs of our customers.

Areas of Applications:

  • Operating Systems and Servers
  • Storage and Virtualization
  • Application Servers and Databases
  • Application Maintenance
  • Communication and Security


  • Windows and Linux (Red-Hat, Suse)
  • UNIX (Sun, AIX, HP-UX)
  • Host-IBM