10th Anniversary D-EVO


10 Years of Evolution D-EVO Consulting I could not fail to highlight a decade of legacy without doing it in a very special way. We were in 2008 and the world was waking up to a new global economic crisis. New digital trends were just around the corner, ready to profoundly change our

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en.SafeWatch PaymentGuard™ – Anti-Money Laundering Solution


WHAT IS IT en.SafeWatch PaymentGuard™ solution works in the detection line of defense in order to protect the most valuable activities, such as high-value SWIFT messages. HOW IT WORKS en.SafeWatch PaymentGuard™ is an innovative solution, based on machine learning capabilities, that enables financial institutions to detect and act to stop fraudulent

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en.SafeWatch Know Your Customer®- Anti-Money Laundering Solution


WHAT IS IT en.SafeWatch KYC® helps Financial Institutions identify, verify and monitor their customers. This automated system seizes, organizes and stores customer information. HOW IT WORKS It includes a scientific risk scoring methodology that allows the user to assess the risk associated with an account, and to define the level of

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en.SafeWatch Profiling®- Anti-Money Laundering Solution


WHAT IS IT en.SafeWatch Profiling® is a rapidly deployable anti-money laundering solution with central data processing, trend analysis, and suspicious behavior identification engine. HOW IT WORKS This solution allows the analysis of trends and behaviors, centralizing and correlate data and transactions into a single interface turning multiple flows of information into

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en.SafeWatch Filtering®- Anti-Money Laundering Solution


WHAT IS IT en.SafeWatch Filtering® is a web-based solution composed of a series of tools targeted to AML detection in real time and batch mode. HOW IT WORKS With a highly-sophisticated matching engine, en.SafeWatch Filtering® aims to be the central checking point for an institution’s financial traffic. Having a single detection

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D-DOC D-DOC is a robust document management platform, with a wide implementation among the most varied clients and types of business. Being a 100% web software, every business community, at headquarters and in geographically distant agencies, access the same documentation and can interact in the same documentary circuit. FUNCIONALITIES 1. FILE




What is it? MailStore is a sophisticated email archive solution. This solution allows information present in most e-mails to be stored properly, while still allowing them to manage the same availability over time, creating backups of the same. Mail Funcionalities: File at 100% Reduce Workloads of E-Mail Servers: Once archived, e-mails can be


Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business


KASPERSKY ENDPOINT SECURITY FOR BUSINESS Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business is the solution that gives your company protection technologies against security threats. This solution enables your company to eradicate vulnerabilities in operating systems and application software by encrypting data and protecting sensitive company information (including in-office and/or out-office devices) in the eventually of

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Nuno Henriques


Nuno Henriques, the current Head of Organization of D-EVO Consulting, assumes the direction of the Sales & Marketing Area. Before joining the D-EVO team, Nuno Henriques, graduated at Applied Mathematics in Economics and Management from the Institute of Economics and Management of Lisbon University and had the opportunity to collaborated with some of

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All About Web Summit 2017


Web Summit 2017, joined main venture capital companies that stablish partnerships, networking or meeting which objective were to do business. Also, during this conference, there were many interesting topics that were discussed. Cybercrime & Cybersecurity: Last year, there were about 118 million cases of cybercrime These cases cause damages in

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