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We at D-EVO strongly believe in transparency, simplicity and value delivery to our customers, employees, partners, and channels.

In a dynamic market with strong transformations, we have talented, curious, and contributors that make the difference.

Beyond a qualified and experienced team, at D-EVO we have strong partners to better serve our customers every time.


Deliver the best technological alternatives to our customers with structural and evolutionary solutions and projects that will lead them to increase their competitiveness, efficiency, and final delivery to their clients.

Being therefore, the best technological partnership option in the segments where we operate, working side-by-side at all levels.

We have the goal in being Ethical, having Responsibility and Precision in our work,  Integrity always in our conduct,  Transparency at all levels and a lot of  Passion for what we do!

What do our customers think of us?

We decided to automate the payment confirmation process to meet the need to be more resilient. D-EVO GPI Basic Tracker Automation (D-GBTA) has enabled us to be more flexible, reduce the operational risks involved and ensure compliance levels with SWIFT’s requirements.

As an IT partner, we place trust in D-EVO for the availability, speed of action and technical ability they have shown us. A team of excellence.

Maer Neto, BFA Bank (DSI)

The D-GBTA (D-EVO GPI Basic Tracker Automation) was undoubtedly one of the great achievements of BFA in 2020 regarding payments via SWIFT.

In a short time, we were able to implement the credit confirmation automation project that had the full support of the D-EVO´s team that was always available to help in all the issues that were emerging throughout the process.

After the go live of the application, we started reporting about 98% of the MT103 received in less than two business days from the date of receipt of the payment which is a great victory for us because our degree of reporting is above that required by SWIFT for the bank to be compliant.

I thank the entire D-EVO´s team who directly or indirectly contributed to the desired result.

Adilson Cunha, BFA Bank (DOE)

I have the pleasure of working with D-EVO since I joined the Information Systems Direction of BIR Bank.

During this period, we executed several projects of great importance to the Bank, namely D-EVO Enterprise Automation.

D-EVO Enterprise Automation is a major project that has enabled the automation of internal business processes and flows maximizing application throughput and reducing the risks associated with operator intervention.

The D-EVO team has always been responsible and gave excellent and prompt response to all our requests.

I thank all of you for the tireless support given to BIR Bank.

Nuno Marques, BIR Bank (DSI)

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