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To know, monitor and grow with our current and potential customers in their process of developing information technologies and communications.


DESCONTEL designed its strategy based on the strong specialization of its service offer and the exhaustive training of its professionals, so that our clients achieve their business objectives and generate confidence for the organization.


At DESCONTEL, each client is unique, with unique needs and expectation.

That is why we offer you a personalized and excellent service, through the adoption of differentiating and rigorous methodologies. We see each project as original and the search for structural and evolutionary solutions and projects, based on the latest information technologies, and where innovation, transparency, simplicity, and the delivery of value to the Client are always present.

Our specialized and extensively experienced team allows us to ensure the development of technological solutions and the provision of services, from design to materialization, maximizing the productivity, efficiency, and effectiveness of the customer’s processes.

In accordance with these guiding principles, DESCONTEL commits to:

  • Listen, understand, and meet the needs and expectations of Customers, developing intelligent solutions and providing personalized, rigorous, and differentiating services in the field of information technologies and communications, thus promoting the digital transformation of society
  • Ensure information security in accordance with its three fundamental pillars – confidentiality, availability, and integrity, taking into account its criticality for the company, customers and other interested parties.
  • Promote strategic, strong, and lasting partnerships, with companies with specializations that, together, allow to maximize the ability to create value for customers and other interested parties, as well as the identification of new business opportunities.
  • Ensure talented, curious, and differentiable professionals, to create a cohesive team, respecting the contracts established, encouraging their well-being and professional development, because we understand that these are one of our priorities and responsibilities.
  • Promote the awareness, training, and qualification of our professionals in areas of quality and security of the information, so that they develop and consolidate the sense of responsibility in these essential matters for the success of the company.
  • Boost the assessment and monitoring of risks arising from the company’s activity, including risks associated with security of the information, with the aim of eliminating or reducing the likelihood of deviations.
  • Comply with the legal, regulatory, regulatory, and other requirements applicable to our activities and the Integrated Management System – Quality and Security of the Information.
  • Maintain and use the Integrated Management System – Quality and Security of the Information as a dynamic and evolutionary tool, with the objective of continuously improving it and optimizing the efficiency and effectiveness of our processes and their results.

We count on the commitment, effort and dedication of our professionals and partners to achieve the common goal: Excellence.