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New Mobile


The use of mobile devices, especially smartphones, grows rapidly, and therefore increases the need for mobile application development. Users demand more functionality to their devices. D-EVO Consulting is experienced in designing and developing applications that run and work on all smartphones and tablets, using both native technology platforms such as iOS and Android, and development platforms in HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, WordPress, etc.



Responsive Design is an approach that suggests that design and development should respond to the behavior and environment of the user’s device, making design decisions variant according to the screen size, platform and screen orientation.
On a regular basis new devices with different screen resolutions are released, and it is therefore crucial to have web design that adapts itself to multiple screen sizes. If your website is designed as a web page responsive, it will be clearly visible on smartphones, tablets and e-readers, rather than just a computer. In the market there are many mobile browsers, and they all support CSS3 and HTML5 technologies upon which Responsive Design works. Our development mobile services includes Mobile Applications in .NET and JAVA, Micro Devices and Websites.



A web page or an enterprise portal represents a source of income and client acquisition. Also the online image of a company determines its reputation worldwide. A website of a company is a powerful marketing tools which improves their image in the market and fosters interaction with their customers. The benefits of a corporate website, nowadays are huge.

What we do:

  • We design any corporate image, product, service or content
  • We use the latest programming technologies, to have a good SEO on any web platform
  • We make web sites with careful design, intuitive navigation, accessible and easy to use
  • You have guaranteed future maintenance for an extended solution
  • We develop the communication strategy of your company on the internet with social networking, online marketing, etc

Real Time



D-EVO Consulting defined a real-time system as one in which operations are correct not only when the logic and implementation of computer programs are correct. It is necessary that the time in which operations return the result is short enough. When the concept of low latency is not reached, we can say the system failed.

Calculation Modeling:

Modeling calculations are not trivial, requiring matrix manipulation, implementation of algorithms, communication with programs in other languages and hardware devices. A correct modeling applied to financial engineering calculations should provide state of the art calculations, with optimized connectivity to databases and web services, as well as high performance computing with parallel processing.



Business Intelligence and Dashboards Solutions provide powerful tools of decision support. An administration can’t waste time checking a large number of reports to find necessary information for a decision. D-EVO Consulting has a multidisciplinary team of professionals which enables us to perform integration and consulting business intelligence projects.

Our Business Intelligence Services include:

  • Data modelling
  • Data integration – ETL processes
  • Analysis of information
  • Reports
  • Dashboards
  • Integration with Portal Intranet
  • Support and Maintenance