Project Description

Application Integration

Application Integration orchestrates applications and systems built separately to work together resulting in new efficiencies and increasing capillarity and new capabilities. The process of enabling individual applications – designed specifically for their purpose – to work with each other.

With the ever faster evolution of new cloud applications, the possibility of integrating multiple software results in modernizations and faster growth. The possibility of interconnection and exchange of information helps in the orchestration of multiple functions, increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of the business.

Application integration is increasingly important within companies. It is almost impossible to manage a business using only a single application. To provide the various services and meet the demands and perform tasks, dependency is invariably more and more for countless applications. At the same time that access to different types of applications brings countless benefits, the creation of this integrated network of applications needs to have an intelligence that allows the different applications to interact with each other working together.

D-EVO’s Products and Services Portfolio

D-EVO Consulting helps your company to quickly and efficiently define and synchronize data communication between countless local environments – of various types – and also cloud-based ones. Whether integrating a local environment with an environment in cloud or SaaS or also your journey to the cloud and integration with environments on premise.

This integration may also require the construction of APIs (“application programming interface ”) that will allow communication and exchange of information.

Our services also cover issues related to security, governance and automation, points of great importance when integrating different applications in different locations.