Project Description

The course aims to offer a specialization to professionals in general who work directly or indirectly in the financial market and / or related to it. In this way, the program will contribute to the training of these professionals, with a focus on improving their performance.

Knowledge about financial markets is especially important and the program addresses, in a practical way, the comprehensive view of the financial market, covering various themes / modules.

The main objective of this course is to provide and update the skills that allow:

Raising awareness of the specificities of different types of funds

Offer knowledge to work with financial markets

Helping participants to choose the most appropriate financial instrument for each situation

Provide participants with various types of information that support financial markets


Module I :

  • The Financial System – Regulation and Supervision of the Financial System – Overview
  • The guarantee of the solvency of financial companies
  • Consumer protection of financial products and services – MiFID – Directorate of Markets in Financial Instruments
  • Preventing money laundering and terrorist financing
  • Financial Markets
  • Characterization of financial products and interest rates
  • Investment decisions and case studies

Module II:

  • Different types of markets
  • Issuance of financial products
  • Money Market and Foreign Exchange Market
  • Capital markets and primary market
  • Obligations, shares and indirect investment products
  • Issuance and transaction of financial productss

Module III :

  • Market ahead and restriction instruments
  • Introduction and general concepts
  • Cases study

Course Recipients

The course is aimed at those who want to improve and update their knowledge of financial markets in a simple, very practical and adjusted to the current reality.

The course in question is of particular interest to Financial Sector Employees with functions in the Market Room area or in the commercial area (Directors, Managers and Account Managers). Tables of importing or exporting companies, Consultants working in the banking, financial sector or with companies focused on international trade.

5 Days

30 Hours