Project Description

The solution that makes
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FIAT – Fixed Income Analysis Tools

FIAT is a solution for managing fixed yield analytical data. It helps perform WHAT ?? and is easily accessible, analysis at a high level in critical areas with Performance Analysis and Attribution, Risk and Compliance.

If, in certain cases, you cannot guarantee the quality of the price obtained from a source of information, will you present data from that source? Also, if you need a price, how will you extract the calculations of your sensitivities and other necessary derivative data? The answer is: FIAT.

The Income Analysis Tools (FIAT) allow you to combine the data management market, asset valuation and sensitivity measurement by quickly and easily integrating within the treasure of technical infrastructure.

For this, FIAT aims to simplify and automate parameterization and data management by integrating the input, simply using different sources of information, allowing its integration. In addition, with your other applications that strengthens the integral management of its treasury, strengthening your organization and allowing global coordination management.

Main features:

FIAT is a tool that, simply and with proper parameterization, allows automation, but provides a “fair value” to its products, ensuring a quality procedure that makes the evaluation process fully guaranteed.

  • Manage quality information that ensures your asset management processes.
  • Quick implementation of the solution, with a simple model of parameterization and incorporation of information.
  • Growth to increase the volume and variety of information that is handled, keeping historical data.
  • Methodology for contrast calculations, ability to incorporate proprietary calculation methods (in C# and JAVA).
  • It offers a variety of customized reports tailored to your needs that allow you to study the performance and characteristics of your fixed yield positions, facilitating the analysis of the sensitivity of your assets.
  • Allows you to distribute information such as files, excel, pdf, etc.