Project Description

We help manage processes
and reduce operating costs

Ensuring the quality of information

Your bank probably decided to improve or modify the Risk Control systems, so it is time to improve the operation with a more flexible environment that allows you to successfully adopt the changes.

Market Management is a valuable resource for your company. Effective risk management begins with the quality of the data in an appropriate model.

We incorporate specialized teams, such as financial analysts, to carry out operational checks, guarantee data quality and eliminate discrepancies resulting from the same poor quality, providing greater coverage of commercial activity and not only from the point of view of risk, but covering other basic functions of any entity.

Analyze a complex process

Risk Management is to encourage the development of innovative technological solutions. We help you deal with this complex exposure, simplifying your processes and significantly reducing operating costs. Most systems have automatic filters for price management to help reduce human errors, although they do require people to be supplemented by obtaining the inputs used in risk processes. In many cases, risk systems do not include all types of financial products available, forcing them to develop or integrate new solutions. We help develop and integrate these solutions based on your own asset valuation, obtaining market risk measurements and returning to the technical integration of these solutions.

Specialized professionals

We know all the components of a risk control system very well, from data sources, financial products, risk measurement methodology and asset valuation, to connectivity with the applications that receive the processed information. So we can help you in all aspects of its risk management systems management strategy.

We have a qualified team experienced in the operation of risk control and management systems in all areas, such as valuation, information management, limits and market risk management.

Flexible service – Remote management

The outsourcing of support teams or also known as outsourcing or outsourcing, allows transferring middle activities, many of which require specialized knowledge, thus freeing companies’ time for core activities that impact the business more.

At D-EVO we have experience and teams to provide technological support to your company remotely, always aiming to increase performance while reducing costs.

Increase the scope of new products

Specialists to cover new needs that may arise before new investment policies or areas of Treasury negotiation.