Project Description

Your new Consultancy

D-EVO’s IT Consulting Projects are highly qualified to serve organizations of the most diverse segments and sizes. Our IT Consulting team develops customized solutions, meeting the specific needs of each company, having the capacity to adapt existing solutions, always focusing on the desired objective.

At D-EVO, we work with cutting edge technologies and diversified knowledge to support your institution in the development of a unique project or even maintain your legacy systems.

We specialize in the development of management systems. D-EVO’s IT Project Consulting experience in the banking sector brings much more security, agility and trust to the work carried out.
Our customized software is made for the specific fulfillment of your demands and objectives.

We always intend, not only to provide our clients with access to the most modern Information Technologies (IT) that the market provides, but also to the Information Technologies (IT) that best adapt to each client’s needs and strategic objectives.

Our IT Consulting is prepared for counseling, preparation and execution of IT projects, systems development, support, outsourcing, specialized support, auditing, among others . With specialized knowledge and always focused on cost reduction, process optimization, search for solutions that best fit your demand and data security.

Have D-EVO’s IT Project Consulting as your next partner. Come talk to us!

D-EVO Provides:

  • High level of experience with a competitive return.
  • Deep knowledge of the broader applications of the Treasury.
  • Murex, Kondor, OPIS, Algorithms, Adaptive, Asset control.
  • Asset Valuation – Quantitative Analysts QUANTs

Professional Services:

  • Requirements analysis and definition.
  • Implementation of technical comments.
  • Support for the integration and implementation of evolutionary processes.
  • Application operation.

Cost optimization

Cost optimization involves approaching your organization from multiple fronts for the same purpose, focusing on maximizing the effectiveness, efficiency, and sustainability of services. We always aim for Quality Management!

We believe that our knowledge of the context is paramount, so our solution is based on consulting documentation, procedures, state-of-the-art architectures, security, and development of appropriate solutions, always aiming at cost reduction in all processes. Our approach includes but is not limited to:

  • Collect and document technical processes and procedures.
  • Define existing architectural and security strengths, threats, weaknesses and possibilities.
  • Improve studies and accessories in solution development processes that have a direct or indirect relationship with the associated costs.
  • Asset evaluation – QUANT quantitative analysts – for the best decision making, among other actions.