Nothing like Children’s Day to join big causes. And what a great cause this is!

The Association O Dom Maior is in need of becoming more digital, and freeing its members for what really matters: support for children and young people with different needs. And this is where we, D-EVO, come in.

We were challenged by Paulo Rosa (President of the Board of the Association O Dom Maior), to help them be more digital and to support the simplification of some processes that, manually, are too time consuming and exhausting.

We accepted the challenge and it is with great pride that we start today with this project.

The entire D-EVO team wishes the Assocition O Dom Maior and the children, young people and families it supports the greatest success.

Together we are stronger and together we go further!

In the photo, the President of the Board of the Association O Dom Maior (Paulo Rosa) and the CEO of D-EVO (Carlos Matos) sign the protocol.

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