Project Description

Balanced Scoreboard
– Methodology

The objective of the proposed course is that, at the end of the course, participants are aware of how to identify goals and define results achieved in and by the company. Analyzing and integrating financial and non-financial indicators.

The purpose of this training is to provide apprentices with knowledge that allows them to identify goals and measure the results achieved in the company, defining, analyzing and integrating financial and non-financial indicators, obtaining a comprehensive perspective on the performance of critical business areas.

This course will be based on the analysis of success and failure cases in the area of ​​Innovation Management in Organizations, and its main objective is to make participants aware of the importance that Innovation can have in the scope of Projects.

At the end of the Course,

trainees are expected to have the knowledge to carry out an integrated analysis of the dimensions implicit in the Balanced Scorecard, these being the financial dimension, the size of the clients, the dimension of the processes and the dimension of learning and innovation.

Monitor and verify services

Analyze Innovation and its relationship with management change

Putting innovation and its management as a success factor for organizations

Analyze the sources of innovation

Relating innovation to projects and products / services

Analyze the characteristics of project innovation and its management

Analyze management support models and innovation operability


Introduction to the Balanced Scorecard

Customer dimension

Process dimensions

Learning and innovation dimension

Course Recipients

This course was specially developed for Administrators, Directors and Top Managers who feel the need to optimize the results of the Innovation and Development activity through management methods appropriate to the specificity of the area.

3 Days

18 Hours