Project Description

Several factors are important for good performance in such a competitive market and the ability to manage the economic cycle is essential.

At the end of the course, participants will have the ability to:

Conduct successful negotiations

Manage sales processes correctly

Develop business strategy plans, manage customer complaints and build customer loyalty


Module I:

  • The importance of Human Resources for the organization – The company and HR
  • Human behavior and motivation
  • Maslow and Herzberg theories
  • Organization chart and human resource management techniques
  • Performance evaluation and management
  • Reward systems

Module II:

  • Marketing and support for commercial activities

Module III:

  • Price formation – Internal factors relevant to the process
  • Product life cycle
  • Strategic positioning
  • Types of products
  • Relevant external factors in the process
  • Market segmentation

Module IV:

  • Product sale and concept
  • The internal environment and the strategic process
  • Requirements analysis techniques (SPIN)
  • Customer needs
  • The SPIN technique: Typology, characterization and methods
  • Present the right solutions for each customer
  • Presentations, demonstrations and proposals
  • Techniques / techniques of commercial presentation (CVB technique)
  • Objection management
  • Closing sales and handling complaints

Module V:

  • Organizational skills – Value chain
  • Sustainable advantages and competitive maneuvers
  • Implementation of the main strategic tools
  • Strategic product planning

Module VI:

  • Negotiation Techniques – Introduction
  • Initial concepts
  • Pre-trade and post-trade
  • Ethics and negotiation
  • Final considerations
  • The sales and telephone service
  • Value chain

Module VII:

  • Quality of service – Introduction
  • Initial concepts
  • Final considerations

Module VIII:

  • Basics of behavior and communication – Introduction
  • Initial concepts
  • Final considerations

Module IX:

  • The Business Cycle – Tableaux de Bord – Introduction
  • Company business cycle
  • Business development plans
  • Sales pipeline
  • Sales Process Control – Introduction

Module X:

  • How to speak in public – Introduction to the topic
  • The preparation of PowerPoint presentations

Coourse Recipients

This course is intended for all professionals in the areas of Business, Human Resources, Public Relations, Marketing and Organizations who need to know and apply: negotiation techniques, sales, management of commercial teams, marketing strategies, among others.

5 Days

30 Hours