Project Description

Information Systems

The objective of the proposed course is that, the participants have the essential knowledge to define and identify the success or critical factors in the information systems.

At the end of the course, participants will be able to:

Define assertive topics for the duration of a meeting.

Define an ERP and a CRM.

Identify critical success factors in the implementation.

Identify critical roles, objectives and success factors.

Know the structure for the development of a DSS.

Define a SAD.

Identify roles and objectives.

Identify critical success factors in the implementation.

Define “Data Warehouse”, “Data Mart”, “Data Mining”.

Define and identify collaborative systems.


Module I:

  • ERP and CRM Management Systems.
  • Definition, Foundations, Objectives, Structure, Characteristics, Implementation, Selection and Critical Success Factors.

Module II:

  • Collaboration Systems.
  • Definition, tools and types of applications.
  • Information Sharing.
  • Conference.
  • Calendar and group agenda.

Module III:

  • SAD.
  • Define support system decisions.
  • Identify roles and objectives.

Module IV:

  • Business intelligence.
  • Data Wharehouse.
  • Data Mart.
  • Data Mining.
  • Define and identify collaboration systems

Course Recipients

This course has been specially designed for middle and upper management, as well as consultants and independent professionals.

3 Days

18 Hours